Map Of All The Outdoor Swimming Pools and Lidos In The UK — The Complete List

A collage of four pools, one on the left is an ariel shot, with slides, another is in front of a stormy sea, another is in bright sunshine, and a final tidal pool is under a starry sky

If you’re looking for your next outdoor swimming adventure, you’re in the right place. Our lido map is, we hope, the most up-to-date list of outdoor swimming pools in the UK. At our latest count, that’s more than 160 pools across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Channel Islands.

We’ve followed the same criteria as the ground-breaking Lido Guide when deciding which pools to include in the list — they must feature human-made elements, be big enough for a swim, and not require a membership fee. There’s a great joy in just being able to turn up and say: “Two for a swim, please”.

In the map below, we’ve broken things out into four categories: outdoor swimming pools, open-water venues, water parks, and tidal pools. You’re also able to easily differentiate between venues which are open all year round and those which are open seasonally. Simply click on a pin to get more information such as postcode, website, and accessibility.

We update this list regularly and aim for it to be the most comprehensive list of outdoor pools possible — but keeping on top of it all is a bit of a minefield. If you see something is wrong or we’ve missed something, drop us an email on

Last Updated: March 2024. If you have trouble using the map, you can also view it directly here. We also have this data available as a spreadsheet list, which you can see online here.

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